The Real Market Price®
Make sure you’re making a good deal. The Real Market Price® is an accurate assessment of the best price you should expect for a new vehicle. It is the price you should be targeting in your negotiations.
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New Car Negotiating Expert
Make sure you get the best possible price for the vehicle of your choice from your dealer. We will negotiate on your behalf for the new vehicle of your choice and we guarantee the “Real Market Price” or even better!
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VIN Investigation Report
Make sure the vehicle you are buying is exempt of any trace of fraud by ordering a history report. The “VIN History Report” is the only tool that allows you to know the vehicle’s history in North America.
In collaboration with CarProof
Used Car Analysis Report
Produced by APA President and his team, this report includes an in-depth analysis of the long-term and short-term performance and reliability of the vehicle, key points to check, defects and mechanical problems.
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