Does the Color of Your Limo Match Your Personality?

Who you are or what kind of a person you are matters a lot in today’s world. People have been obsessed with the public reception of their personality for the longest time now, and the hype around it is only increasing. There are personality tests available on the internet now, which claims to reveal exactly the kind of person that you are. Limo manufacturers all over the world have been reporting a steady increase in the number of customers who want to buy a limo that suits their personality. The best way to ensure that your limo really matches your personality you must experiment with the color.

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Colors are important. A lot of the time you might see people whose wardrobe has one dominant color, maybe different shade of it. And upon asking them you will often get the answer that it suits their personality. So, colors play a huge role in showing who you are. Maybe you don’t show it through your clothes but your home décor, or accessories or even the vehicle you are riding. Limo manufacturers are trying to provide a wide range of color options for this reason alone. Because limousines are vehicles that are usually customized it is easy to avail of a range of colors in asking for one.

Color Options

Gray- It is neither white nor black, and if you like this color it says a lot about you, like you might want to strike a balance between black and white. Limo manufacturers say that people with commitment issues often opt for this color; also people who want tranquility and peace in life choose this color.

Green- Green when matched with human nature often means self-possessed and stubborn, on the flip side it may also mean a love for all things natural. People who have an eye for this color are also very often problem solvers and have a strong intuition.


Blue- Blue as limo manufacturers say is chosen by people who are calm and quiet.  Blue has a soothing effect so the person choosing this color might have a very calming presence as well. They are also often the choice of introverts.

Red- Red suggests high level of energy and vitality, and the boldest and most passionate people tend to choose this color more often.

Yellow- This color suggests brightness, uninhibitedness, and also a desire for change. People who conform to these ideas opt for this color.

Brown- Grounded and conventional people have a love for brown, these people often have values that are very strong.

Black- When it comes to limos this is the most popular color simply because it looks good. But if matched with personalities, it would suggest that the person choosing it is simple, but assertive, confident and also confrontational.

Purple- According to limo manufacturers purple is an unusual choice and people choosing it are equally unusual, they are dreamers, and imaginative and reside in a world of their own.

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White- White suggests purity, honesty and clarity, so if you are choosing this color you might have these qualities, or you might just like the look of it.

So here were a few fun facts about how the color of your limo brings out your personality, so maybe you will choose more carefully the next time. For more info on transportation services, read here!