Does the Color of Your Limo Match Your Personality?

Who you are or what kind of a person you are matters a lot in today’s world. People have been obsessed with the public reception of their personality for the longest time now, and the hype around it is only increasing. There are personality tests available on the internet now, which claims to reveal exactly the kind of person that you are. Limo manufacturers all over the world have been reporting a steady increase in the number of customers who want to buy a limo that suits their personality. The best way to ensure that your limo really matches your personality you must experiment with the color.

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Colors are important. A lot of the time you might see people whose wardrobe has one dominant color, maybe different shade of it. And upon asking them you will often get the answer that it suits their personality. So, colors play a huge role in showing who you are. Maybe you don’t show it through your clothes but your home décor, or accessories or even the vehicle you are riding. Limo manufacturers are trying to provide a wide range of color options for this reason alone. Because limousines are vehicles that are usually customized it is easy to avail of a range of colors in asking for one.

Color Options

Gray- It is neither white nor black, and if you like this color it says a lot about you, like you might want to strike a balance between black and white. Limo manufacturers say that people with commitment issues often opt for this color; also people who want tranquility and peace in life choose this color.

Green- Green when matched with human nature often means self-possessed and stubborn, on the flip side it may also mean a love for all things natural. People who have an eye for this color are also very often problem solvers and have a strong intuition.


Blue- Blue as limo manufacturers say is chosen by people who are calm and quiet.  Blue has a soothing effect so the person choosing this color might have a very calming presence as well. They are also often the choice of introverts.

Red- Red suggests high level of energy and vitality, and the boldest and most passionate people tend to choose this color more often.

Yellow- This color suggests brightness, uninhibitedness, and also a desire for change. People who conform to these ideas opt for this color.

Brown- Grounded and conventional people have a love for brown, these people often have values that are very strong.

Black- When it comes to limos this is the most popular color simply because it looks good. But if matched with personalities, it would suggest that the person choosing it is simple, but assertive, confident and also confrontational.

Purple- According to limo manufacturers purple is an unusual choice and people choosing it are equally unusual, they are dreamers, and imaginative and reside in a world of their own.

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White- White suggests purity, honesty and clarity, so if you are choosing this color you might have these qualities, or you might just like the look of it.

So here were a few fun facts about how the color of your limo brings out your personality, so maybe you will choose more carefully the next time. For more info on transportation services, read here!



Handing in a Hired Car? Don’t Forget Your Baggage!

On many occasions, the business travellers and holidaymakers leave behind their baggage in the rented car at the end of the trip. Sometimes, they realize about their baggage only while checking in, while boarding the plane or after returning home. It is a very inconvenient task to retrieve the baggage which has been left back. Sometimes the baggage contains valuables which give birth to more tensions. Before handing over your car to the car rental service, you should double check to make sure that you have not left anything behind.

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Tiredness, Distractions and Too Many Storage Compartments 

A lot of things get left behind in the rented cars because the modern car possesses all kinds of handy little storage compartments under the seats, in the doors, in the center console, in the boot, in the dashboard and above the sun visor. People usually place handy things like mobile phones, sunglasses, passports, credit cards, airline tickets, cameras, iPods, or navigation equipment.

Apart from that you might be tired for having to get up early or are in a hurry to catch your flight and you might forget to collect your valuables before handing the rented car obtained from the car rental service. You might get distracted by the numerous appointments if you are on a business trip. Trying to convince your children for returning from a family trip can be equally distracting. There might be a thousand reasons to be distracted while returning from a trip and you might end up forgetting your valuables in the car itself.

The Commonly Forgotten Items in the Hired Cars

People leave behind different items in the hired cars from car rental service. The items which are commonly left behind are mentioned below.

  • Umbrellas are left behind in the boot and the parcel shelf
  • Cameras and camcorders are left under the front seats
  • Gadgets are left behind in the pocket behind the front seats
  • Sunglasses are left behind in the door pockets and the center console
  • Laptops are left behind in the boot and under the passenger seat

How to Avoid Leaving behind Valuables?

You can easily prevent yourself from leaving behind valuables in the car from the car rental service. You should carefully check the car at the hotel to figure out of you have left something behind. You should also place the loose pieces of objects in your luggage itself before handing over the rented car. You should count the number of bags you are carrying, so that you do not leave anything behind.

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Items which You Should not Leave Behind

In spite of being very careful, people often leave behind important things in the rented cars. Recently, an international car hire firm had prepared a list of all things they had found in the cars which had been rented for over three months. The list of items left behind included prosthetic arms and legs, a set of false teeth, a glass eye, wedding rings, lingerie, surgical gloves, handcuffs, fresh fish, cash, shoes and a baby car seat with a baby.

If you have left something behind in the rented car, you should get in touch with the car rental service order to retrieve your valuables. If you are unable to retrieve your valuables, you can opt for travel insurance cover. You should always make it a point to contact the car rental service as soon as you have identified that you have left your baggage behind. Most car rental companies help their clients out with the issue.


Most Popular Armored Vehicles designed by Armored Car Companies

Everyone will agree with the fact that the world is no longer a safe place. The moment a person rises to the top-most position, they start to have a huge number of enemies. Hence, starting from politicians to celebrities, business professional to athletes, faces security threat every moment they step out of their home. The only way to remain protected from the threat is by turning to armored vehicle company.


Solution is Available

With the coming up of armored cars, they don’t need to worry about their safety.

If you are looking for the available options for cars by top armored vehicles company, there are plenty of options available. You need to choose a car that meets your budget and requirement. Take a look below:

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  • Mercedes Benz S-Guard

You can own this beautiful black armored car for your travel needs. Even after providing a stylish look, the car reinforces various armored features. It can resist any kind of attack and won’t get destroyed.


  • INKAS Toyota Land Cruiser

Even though it is the most popular sports utility vehicle, it comes thoroughly armored. This vehicle is a tank that gives the look of a family vehicle. It incorporates PA system for resisting any kind of attack. Moreover, the BR6 windshield glazing, run-flat tires, and reinforced hinges make the vehicle stand out easily from the rest.

  • Mercedes-Maybach M600

Any mention of armored vehicle company must include this iconic car. It doesn’t compromise on the luxury factor while beefing up the security measures. The lightweight armoring technology makes use of composite materials for designing the car. It comes with a CEN 1063 BR7 ballistic protection and run-flat tires.


  • Range Rover Sentinel

Looking for a beefed-up version of Range Rover? You can go for this car made by the SVO division of Land Rovers. The host of security features offered by this car includes VR8 armoring for resisting ballistic threats like blasts and armor-piercing bullets. It also comes with tamper proof exhaust system, run-flat tires, and multi-laminated armored glass.

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  • Mercedes- Benz G63 AMG

It is reportedly one of the best armored vehicles in the armored car industry. Manufactured by INKAS, the G63 AMG comes with a various level of armoring. Right from the interior to the exterior is thoroughly armored so that ultimate level of safety is provided to the occupants. The car is designed in such a way that it can resist gunfire and cartridges from bullets or grenades. Despite its heavy weight, it offers a smooth ride.


  • GMC Yukon Denali

This armored car is also manufactured by INKAS but it doesn’t enjoy the status of a luxury vehicle. The GMC Yukon Denali comes with LED strobe lights, PA system, siren, BR6 armoring and 8-speed automatic transmission.


  • Transco BMW 7 Series

The luxury vehicle amplified with high armoring is a favorite of high-profile people. The car comes with three level of armor. Hence, it can hold off any kind of threats. It comes with improved brakes, upgraded tires so that it can run at 50km per hour.

You can easily afford any one of these cars designed by armored vehicles company for your protection on the roads. After all, when you or your family will be traveling in this car, you will have complete peace of mind.