Niagara-on-the-Lake: 10 Things You Need to Know About This Getaway from Toronto

Do you have 90 minutes to go to the perfect getaway from Toronto? Do you want to experience something which will be a treat to your eyes? Well, here is the answer to these questions: Niagara-on-the-Lake. Filled with the most amazing places, this town present in southern Ontario, is famous for its vineyards, heritage, and restaurants.  Most people consider it as the most treasured experience of their lifetime.  Whether you visit this town for a little while or a long while, it will surely leave a lasting impression on you. Consider these 10 tips to make your visit to one of the most amazing Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto a memorable one.

niagara falls tours from toronto

  1. Leave Early:  To make the most out of this amazing experience, just do one thing: LEAVE EARLY! Sure, it is only a 90-minute drive from Toronto but if you get stuck in traffic, this could also turn out to be a trip in which you spent most of the time in your car. For the best experience possible, start from Toronto at 8 a.m..
  2. Bring Your Walking Shoes: Niagara falls tours from Toronto is best explored by walk. The wineries there do suggest travel using a car or a bike, but this town which is a part of a Niagara Falls tour of Toronto is one with lesser people and has a very rich architecture that you do not want to miss! Street parking is available in abundance so you do not have to worry about your car. Moreover, there is an option of engaging your taste buds with the delectable Americano coffee from the Toronto-based café, Balzac.
    niagara on the lake
  3. Watch the Sunset over the Lake: The perfect place to watch the sunset (with a glass of the most delectable wine, of course!) is a seat on the patio at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf and Country Club, North America’s oldest standing golf club. This place gives you the best view of the lake and the Fort Niagara, which was built in the 1700’s.
  4. Eat Dinner at a Winery: The next perfect thing after watching the mesmerizing sunset is, of course, having dinner at a winery. There is an abundance of amazing restaurants in this town (do check the new Treadwell location) but the best meals are served at the wineries. One such amazing winery, with the best lobster and shrimp burger, is Good Earth Winery, which is one of the area’s original farm-to-table restaurants.
  5. Get to the Theatre: Located on the downtown Queen Street is the impossibly beautiful Edwardian-style Royal George Theatre, which produces plays from George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries. The Shaw Theatre Festival has been its own getaway from Toronto for more than 50 years. Do not miss this Theatre, which is an integral part of a Niagara Falls toursfrom Toronto, for it is harbored with Niagara’s arts scene.
  6. Drink with History: A drink at the Olde Angel Inn which is the oldest operating inn in Ontario is a must-have after #5. This pub was first built in 1789 and was later rebuilt in 1815, after the war of 1812.  The pub has a cozy environment with exposed beams and thick plank floors. Ask the staff of this pub about the resident ghost and the flag which they fly above the inn to get interesting responses!
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  7. Attend an Outdoor Concert: On this Niagara Falls tours from Toronto, make sure to attend an outdoor concert. With performances ranging from classical to folk, Jackson-Triggs Winery is a fantastic host at its open-air amphitheater. There is also often an option of pairing a concert with dinner and wine to make your evening a complete one.
  8. Sleep at B&B: Niagara-on-the-Lake’s signature accommodation type is B&B. There are many options available, with each one having their own charms. The Darlington House, which is located at a short stroll from the town center and across the street from the historic Butler’s Barracks, serves an excellent breakfast, with Julie and Mark as the consummate hosts.
  9. Tour a Winery: As this town is filled with grape vines (thanks to the region’s 27 wineries), it is quite famous for its wineries. Make sure you tour a couple of them or even have lunch in these wineries for feeling that this Niagara Falls tours from Toronto of yours has been a gratifying one. Our personal favorites are the Marynissen Winery, which is home to the oldest commercial plot of Cabernet Sauvignon vines in Canada and the Ravine Vineyard, which has both an elegant restaurant and an organic farm.
  10. Stop at a Farmer’s market: Before returning back to your home, take a look at a farmer’s market or two where you can find the fresh or preserved baked goods and some fresh produce with which you can stock up for the drive back. Looking for an excuse to plan a visit? The annual Niagara Wine Festival, held in mid-September, is the perfect one!